changed the layout to reflect my style as of late.
the old design was very pre-college optimism.

also i will eventually post something about my cameras.

does anyone actually look at this?


ok, so this is the image that I turned in for my van gogh monet mashup project.
i was to reinterpret van gogh's 'bedroom in arles' in the style of monet.
here is his painting.

i did this by building a camera that would act as my interpretation of monet's perspective.
it is made out of wood and brass, and has a fixed focus wide lens with an interchangeable aperture.
i then took pictures of my bedroom.
this was the best.

the previous picture is from the same camera, just at a smaller aperture.


i can't do this anymore.
it's not working.
i'm done.

please prove me wrong...


if every angel's terrible then why do you welcome them?


i am not one with the world around me, yet my creations are. it is my link. my only hope. so i create more. hoping.