Oh no! I'm buying too many cameras! (and updating this blog too much. 3 times in one day, really?)

I just bought two cameras that take 120 film. A Pentax 645 medium format slr and a Flexaret automat tlr. The tlr is from Czechoslovakia! Doesn't it look like me? I'm so excited for them to get here.

Impulse buying, ahhhhhhh!

I shot a wedding reception. I really liked the bride and groom. Hope they like the photos.

P.S.- I really hate the way the photos on the blog look. The small version always looks so desaturated and washed out. If you are not clicking to see the full size, please do. They look much better.


Ok, I just saw this on ebay. It's a holga 'tlr'. At first this sounds like a good idea, but look at that thing! It's hideous, and the viewing lens is uncoupled from the taking lens. So the whole 'tlr' part of it is completely pointless! It is just a regular holga with an extra lens slapped on.

This does, however, make me want to build an actual holga tlr. Or just a tlr. It doesn't have to be holga. M aybe that should be my next project.

Seriously, how cool would that be? I need to figure out the whole shutter thing though. If I make a holga one, then I could just use the holga shutter...


I like this photo of sarah more.


(bs text removed due to bs-ness)


i'm thinking of maybe making another camera.

but then again, maybe not.


I took my polaroid with me to college, and only ever took these three pictures. One for each quarter. I didn't plan it that way but think it worked quite nicely.

Freshman year expressed through polaroids. Ha.


interesting fashion photographer

I ran into Andrew Kuykendall's portfolio while browsing notcot. He has some interesting stuff.


I really wish i had the means to follow through with some of the ideas i have.

I want to do a series of people in really typical, somewhat boring settings being levitated by string. Not perfectly up, a bit offset, with some strings pulling harder then others. The people themselves would appear to be completely unaware of their situation. They will just look bored. In the air. With string.

oh well...