Photo by Michel Rajkovic.
I'm in love with this.
This is the kind of thing that I wish I could do.
It's just so... perfect.


Wish that branch in the upper middle right was better placed.
Honestly, I could photoshop it, but I'd feel weird about that.


this is how i feel today


Julia Child's quiche lorraine

I know this is a photo blog and not a food blog, but I thought I'd post this anyway.

I've been reading and cooking from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which may or may not be correlated to my watching Julia and Julia (which is a great movie by the way). The book's been teaching me a lot. I'm learning techniques, theories, and the correct way to cook an omelet (and believe me, I'm never going back). But french cooking is the total opposite of my normal cooking style. It's heavy on dairy, heavy on fat, overworks ingredients, and just fussy in general. A far cry from my favorite meal of oven cooked white fish with a bed of kale. But oh, is it fun. I find myself wanting to toss my health concerns out the window. The quiche above is a great example. Two sticks of butter for the crust? Why not? Bacon, whole milk, gruyere cheese, and more butter on top of that? Sure! But after about two mouthfuls I'm back to my old ways. Back to contemplating exactly how much saturated fat and calories I just ingested, and how many down dogs I would have to do to burn it all off. There seems to be a disconnect in my brain of what I'm willing to cook, and what I'm wiling to should eat. Having said that, it was one awesome quiche.

This is the place I would post the recipe, but seeing as this is a photo blog, and the only people that actually look at it are friends and family, and most of them only look at it because it syncs to my facebook... Well If you want it, comment, and I'll type it up.


I may be over Jana Hunter. It's shocking, really. I'm just not that into her anymore.
This, however, I like.


i miss it already.


i like this place.


did i mention i like boats?


i like boats.