homemade lens

Ok, as I said, I should have started this a while ago. Now I have to play catch up.

I have always loved the lomography look, odd color casts, vignetting, soft focus, but was never in love with lomography price (a $100 plastic camera? no thank you.) So it occurred to me that I could simply make my own version of these plastic beauties, for little to nothing. After all, they're only good because they use really shitty, poorly manufactured lenses. And poorly manufactured? I think I can handle that. : )

So with absolutely no knowledge of lens design, I set forth to make my own. All I knew is that I wanted to make a detachable lens for my Nikon FA, so somehow I would need to integrate the nikon f mount. And I made one. See, isn't it pretty?
Well, ok, that isn't actually the first. I killed the first to make this one. The first one I used the lens from a magnifying glass; this one the lens is from a little tykes binocular set. Over all, a big improvement. All the lens is really is a single converging (converging focuses light) lens attached to some paper billows, by means of some mat board, hot glued on a nikon body cap with a hole drilled through it. Very simple really, with some really fun results.
I love the sort of in focus, sort of not in focus feeling, and how it suggests form, rater than states it. What I don't love, however, is how telephoto this thing is. It's like 130mm!

So I made another. This time with two lenses. The same lens as the other one, on top of a magnifying glass lens, which reduced the focal distance from 130mm to 70mm. And made it much easier to focus.
I much prefer this one. It is smaller, easier to focus, and much wider. And its just so cute! Just look at it on my camera!
A beauty for sure. Annnnnddddddddd here are some of the results from it.
Oh boy. I think I'm spent for my first blog post.

more to come...

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Amalie/Emma (take your pick) said...

The swing picture makes me feel like that was a moment for the ages.